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Ram Lal Pareva, Jaishree Jain, Sher Singh Morodiya and Balram Soni

Tobacco destroy mankind among the adults is reaching pandemic levels. Countries undergoing epidemiological transition of chronic diseases caused by tobacco are rapidly overtaking the more traditional causes of mortality. Tobacco addiction in large number of adults has been initiated during the adolescents and children’s often get attracted to tobacco products because of such propaganda. There has been a rapid increase in trade and use of smokeless tobacco products in recent years in the country, which is a matter of serious concern to the health planners. It is important to understand various factors that influence and encourage young teenagers to start use tobacco products. The Study samples (300) were consisting of tobacco users who attend the drug deaddiction centers, located at Jaipur at least for one year. Tobacco problem is a major concern of humanity in the world. The practices of tobacco consumption have been predicted to cause a rapid rise in disease burden, health care costs and other fiscal losses. The study revealed that there is higher level of depression among tobacco users than tobacco non users.


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