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Antibiotic-Resistant Bacterial Infections: Current Promising Methods


Andreas Herrmann*

One of the most pressing issues facing global health today is infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ARB). Antibiotic resistance can be combated in a number of promising ways, including by developing new antibiotics, sensitizing ARB, or looking for alternatives to existing antibiotics. The most promising anti-ARB strategies currently in development are compiled in this review. Antibiotics can be improved in their efficacy by metabolic stimulation or by loading a novel, more efficient delivery system. Alternative antibiotics like bacteriophages and their encoded endolysins, anti-biofilm drugs, probiotics, nanomaterials, vaccines, and antibody therapies can also be developed as alternatives to conventional antibiotics. These strategies include the following: discovery of novel antibiotics by modifying existing antibiotics; screening of small-molecule libraries; or exploration of peculiar places. These treatments have been shown to be very effective against ARB in clinical or preclinical studies. It is anticipated that some anti-ARB products will soon be available for purchase in the marketplace.


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