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Manjeet Singh*

Secondary metabolites of plant are commercially important and find use in a number of pharmaceutical compounds. The presence of these secondary metabolites in plants probably explains the various medicinal & antioxidant activities of these plants. It was a comparative study of phytochemical & antioxidant activity of aqueous extracts of Glycyrrhiza glabra (Mulethi) & Piper longum (Long pepper). The plant materials used were collected and grinded in mortar and pestle. Aqueous extracts was prepared by using sonicator and water bath then the extract of both the plants were investigated for the phytochemicals & In-vitro antioxidant activity by using different methods. Aqueous extract of Glycyrrhizia glabra have high of amount phytochemicals & high antioxidant activity than the aqueous extract of Piper longum.


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