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Doing Auto Ethnographic Drugs Research: Some Field Observations


Waqqas Afif*

Auto ethnographic research is a qualitative research approach that combines personal experiences with cultural analysis to explore a particular phenomenon. Conducting auto ethnographic research on drug use can provide unique insights into the subjective experiences, social contexts and cultural dynamics surrounding drug consumption. Here are some potential field observations one might make during auto ethnographic drug research. As an auto ethnographer, you can observe and document your own experiences with drug use. This may include recording your thoughts, feelings and sensations before, during and after drug consumption. Pay attention to the effects of the drug on your physical and mental state, as well as any changes in perception or behaviour. Auto ethnographic research on drugs can provide valuable insights into the complex and multifaceted nature of drug use, shedding light on the subjective experiences, cultural meanings and social dynamics surrounding drug consumption. However, it is important to approach this research with sensitivity, critical self-reflection and ethical considerations to ensure the responsible and ethical dissemination of personal experiences related to drug use.


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