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Effect of Brinzolamide on Ocular Hemodynamics in Glaucoma Patients


Shalini Mohan*, Tanvi Azmi, Sneha Agrawal, Pooja Agrawal, Ashok Kumar Verma, Virendra Kushwaha, Amit Kumar and Himanshu Sharma

Purpose: The single blind study was done to find out the effect of Fixed drug (FDC) combination Brinzolamide/Timolol Versus Free equivalent combination therapy of Brinzolamide plus Timolol on Ocular hemodynamics in patients of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG).

Methods: Two Groups were studied: Group 1- patient on 1% Brinzolamide/0.5% Timolol fixed dose combination and Group 2- patient on 1% Brinzolamide + 0.5% Timolol. A total of 40 study subjects were included who underwent measurement of IOP, Ocular Perfusion Pressure (OPP) and Ocular blood flow (OBF) by using Color Doppler.

Results: Both the Groups showed reduction in IOP from baseline. But there was no significant difference (p<0.05) in IOP reduction between the Groups at all visits. Increase in OPP was found to be statistically significant (p=0.001) within the Groups. OBF measurement, showed significant increase in velocity (p=0.001) of Central Retinal artery and Short Posterior Ciliary rtery within the Group. No significant change was observed in blood flow parameters of Ophthalmic artery.

Conclusion: The study showed that treatment with both Brinzolamide/Timolol-FDC and free equivalents of Brinzolamide+Timolol significantly reduced IOP and increased OBF parameters. So the combination therapy can be used in place of free equivalents with equal benefits.


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