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Research Progress of Cutting Edge Micro Needle Drug Conveyance Framework and its Application in Biomedicine


Sawsan Khdair*

The rapid advancement of microneedle technology has revolutionized drug delivery systems and found widespread application in the field of biomedicine. This abstract provides an overview of the recent research progress in cutting-edge microneedle drug delivery systems and their versatile applications in various biomedical domains. Microneedles, with their miniature size and ability to painlessly penetrate the skin, offer a novel approach for efficient drug administration. Recent developments in microneedle design, fabrication techniques, and materials have significantly improved their reliability, versatility, and patient acceptance. These innovations have opened new avenues for targeted and controlled drug delivery, enhancing therapeutic outcomes while minimizing systemic side effects. The research progress in microneedle technology spans diverse biomedicine applications, including transdermal drug delivery, vaccination, and biosensing. In transdermal drug delivery, microneedles enable precise control over drug release profiles, allowing for personalized treatment regimens. Their use in vaccination offers painless and convenient immunization, potentially improving global vaccine coverage rates. Additionally, microneedle-based biosensors have shown promise in real-time monitoring of biomarkers, enabling early disease detection and personalized medicine approaches.


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