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Abha* and Loveleen Preet Kaur

The oral route is the most convenient route for administration of solid dosage form, about 85% of solid dosage administered by oral route because of advantages over others. The therapeutic activity of these formulations is obtained through a typical manner like disintegration followed by dissolution. Therefore disintegration has major role for facilitating drug activity. In recent years, several newer agents have been developed which are known as superdisintegrants. Diverse categories of superdisintegrants such as synthetic, semi-synthetic, natural, co-processed blends, multifunctional superdisintegrants, etc. have been employed to develop efficacious orodispersible tablets and to overcome the limitations of conventional tablet dosage forms. The objective of this article is to highlight the various kinds of superdisintegrants along with their role in tablet disintegration and drug release, which are being used in the formulation to provide the safer, effective drug delivery with patient compliance.


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