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Brief Report - (2021) Volume 10, Issue 6


Satya Lakshmi*
*Correspondence: Satya Lakshmi, Department of Botany, Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh, India, Email:
Department of Botany, Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh, India

Received: 01-Jun-2021 Published: 15-Jun-2021

Brief Report

Active work (PA) is significant for keeping up with great actual wellbeing. WHO prescribes 150 min of PA each week to the more established populace yet numerous more seasoned individuals don't meet this proposal. The expanding utilization of versatile innovation among old gives a chance to build PA. This precise survey was focused on the ease of use, adequacy and viability of mHealth (counting cell phone, cell phone, tablet applications, versatile instant messages) to expand PA in more seasoned individuals over the age of 55. A writing search identified with mHealth, PA and more established individuals was directed in PubMed, Embase, Web of science and COCHRANE library. The pursuit created 829 articles, after the screening of articles and reference records, ten examinations were remembered for the survey. Included examinations were different in the parts of study plan, mediation mode, term, recurrence of updates and appraisal measures. The aftereffects of this audit showed that mHealth intercessions with persuasive back up might be usable, satisfactory and gainful for the support and improvement of PA temporarily. Be that as it may, the discoveries are uncertain about the distinction in viability between basic (versatile instant message) and complex mHealth mediations (application observing with sensors), the ideal recurrence for action updates and on the drawn out adequacy of mHealth.

What is Physical Activity? An all-encompassing definition of physical activity is ‘any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure. Here we explain some of the different aspects of physical activity which are relevant to understanding the physical activity and wellbeing relationship.

Physical activity has a huge potential to enhance wellbeing in our population. It is known that even a short burst of 10 minutes brisk walking increases mental alertness, energy and positive mood states.

Participation in regular physical activity can increase self-esteem and reduce stress and anxiety. Physical activity can help play a role in preventing mental health problems and improve the quality of life of those experiencing it. For example, there is an approximately 20–30% lower risk for depression and dementia, for adults participating in daily physical activity. There is accumulating evidence that walking, and physical activity more generally, can be an effective way to enhance positive moods.

Physical activity has a huge potential to enhance our wellbeing. Even a short burst of 10 minutes' brisk walking increases our mental alertness, energy and positive mood. Participation in regular physical activity can increase our self-esteem and can reduce stress and anxiety. A good walk can do wonders for your mental wellbeing.

It improves self-perception and self-esteem, mood and sleep quality, and it reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue. Physically active people have up to a 30% reduced risk of becoming depressed, and staying active helps those who are depressed recover.