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Bodhisattwa Maiti1*,Nagori B.P.2,Rambir Singh

Department of Pharmaceutical Science,, India


  • Review Article   
    Author(s): Bodhisattwa Maiti1*,Nagori B.P.2,Rambir Singh

    Herbal medicines make up a significant constituent of the tendenc y toward alternative medicine. Herbal medicine is becoming ever more popular in todayâ�?�?s world as people seek out natural remedies. Herbal medicines have been used since the dawn of civilization to maintain health and to treat various diseases. To compete w ith the growing pharmaceutical market, there is an importance to use and scientifical ly authenticate more medicinally useful herbal pr oducts. This article provides a general idea of herbal medicines and intended to expl ain the therapeutic effectiveness of various herbal medicines, adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, standardization and stability testing of herb al medicines, pharmacovigilance and.. Read More»

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