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Megha Tukaram Salve

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Modern College of Pharmacy, Nigdi, Pune, Maharastra -411044, India


  • Research Article   
    Synthesis Of Cyclopyrrolidine Clubbed With Oxadiazole Bases And Evaluation Of Their Anti-diabetic Activity Through In Vivo Model.
    Author(s): Megha Tukaram Salve*

    Cyclopyrrolidine clubbed with oxadiazole bases (B-1 to B-16) were synthesized and characterized through IR, NMR, mass spectrometry, and elemental analysis. Docking studies were performed to assess interactions and binding modes of synthesized hits at the binding site of receptor DPP-4 (PDB 3W2T). Using vildagliptin as a standard drug, six of the synthesized compounds were tested for their antidiabetic activity in diabetic rats induced with HFD-STZ-Nicotinamide. The results showed that compound B-XIV (220*4.56B) resulted in the greatest reduction in blood glucose level from all synthesized compounds compared to that of vildagliptin (215*7.52B) in HFD-STZ-Nicotinamide. Other compounds showed moderate to good ant hyperglycemic activity... Read More»

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