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Renu Solanki

Lachoo Memorial College of Science and Technology, Pharmacy Wing, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India


  • Review Article   

    Author(s): Renu Solanki*, Shiv Kumar Purohit, Vipin Mathur and Manoj Mathur

    Wounds are major cause of physical disabilities. Wound healing consists of orderly progression of series of events that establish the integrity of the damaged tissues. Recent pharmacological studies have established various pharmacological properties of Ocimum basilicum (Ban-tulsi) like anabolic, hypoglycemic, smooth muscle relaxant, cardiac depressant, antifertility, adaptogenic, antifertility, antidiabetic, antimicrobial, antiallergic and immunomodulator properties. The present study was undertaken on ethanolic extract of leaves of Ocimum basilicum on wound healing activity through topical route on excision wound model. The activity was compared with standard drug Povidone Iodine ointment (5% w/w) respectively. The leaves of Ocimum basilicum ethanolic extract showed faster rate of healing when compared with standard topical application... Read More»

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