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Mohamed Olounfeh Kamara, MingYang Wang, Xin-yang Li, Guo-qing Lu, Shuai Li, Jing-wei Liang and Fang-Hao Meng*

Cancer new drug development and testing mostly rely on existing drug which plays a great role as templates, and the biomarkers. Thymidylate Synthase Inhibitors (TSI) tabulated below are available for the diseases conditions like cancer which encircle the thymidylate synthase (TS). Sparse data are available for TS involvement in cancer. TS is prudent in the synthesis of thymidylate which is useful for body functionalities, and its production pathways are observed to contain supportive proteins. The loss of thymine in cancerous cells couple in abnormal DNA synthesis influenced cell apoptosis. An increased TS protein expression seen in many cancers, serving as aggressive phenotype. Cancers is TS disease, still without a cure, taking away the lives of at least 8 million people every year irrespective of nationality, remained a burden that let world health organization to request for urgent treatment. The trouble encompassing cancer in general and that which generated from TS is the principal base of this review. Although, it has been used in other disease and have not yield total cure in cancer yet, TSI potentially utilized to offset the problem responsible for low circulated thymidine in human plasma, is useful to manage cancer disease. Members of TSI bears five or six cycle ring in their structure. The pterine and pyrimidine are compounds which are incorporation with another compound by utilizing the technique of nucleophilic displacement, multicomponent condensation and ultimate combination principle, molecular hybridization strategy and the structural activity relationship mechanism to develop new small TS inhibitors. Through the available English articles about TS related cancer and TSI in ScienceDirect database are utilized here. The search was made by key in the keywards singularly and in pairs to present this comprehensive knowledge about TSI inhibitors, and evaluate TS enzyme mechanisms which contributes to cancer and how the TSI can circumvent cancer disease. Conclusively, the series of TSI utilized the TS protein enzyme to ombat TS human cancer, are also in use as a fundamental molecular template for new drug. TS activity can produce the novel thymidylate. This work will be of prudent to researchers in drug design and synthesis and as well to hospital clinician to support the judgement inside cancer disease treatment.


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